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Love blossoms - oil painting of two brown honeyeaters on gravellia
Love blossoms - oil painting of two brown honeyeaters on gravellia side view with frame of brown honeyeaters oil painting
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Organised by Lethbridge Art Gallery, Paddington, QLD

Love blossoms is an oil painting of a pair of Brown honeyeaters who love Grevilleas. Like all other birds I love watching these birds frequent trees in my backyard. They are so tiny yet so loud and fast. Photographic references for the birds were collected by me in my backyard.

This art is on stretched linen canvas and is framed in high quality rustic brown timber texture angular megawood vermont float frame by Megawood to suit. Framed dimensions - 670mm(W) x 670mm(H) x 53mm(D). We highly recommend you use this frame as it makes this painting even more beautiful. However painting is 38mm thick and can be hung without frame. Sides are painted black.

If you do not want framing or would like to use frame of your choice, please select 'Remove frame? - Yes' in the product option and it will deduct the frame cost automatically. Please note that frame is already installed so removing the current frame will leave some holes in the back of the canvas framework which will be filled in with putty and covered with framing tape.



610mm x 610mm x 38mm (24" x 24" x 1.5")

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