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Galahs Original [SOLD]

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SOLD (Fine art prints available)
Original painting has now been SOLD. However, you could still grab a fine art reproduction of this original artworks on the links below.

Galah's is a painting of two beautiful Galah birds (type of cockatoos) resting in the Australian outback setting on a beautiful misty day at the sunrise. I see these birds every day when I go for morning walks. Some of them also hang out in my backyard. However I had to go to the place where I could get a good light reference for them. I spent a few winter months to take photo references for these birds in the right light to suit my composition. Like most of my paintings, this painting is made from a few different photos references clicked my me on differernt days. I absolutely enjoy working on the details of my paintings. Best part of this painting was working on the dew drops and condensation on the fence. It is always nerve wrecking to paint weird patches on top of the perfectly finished painting. But this is what adds to the atmosphere of the painting. I hope you'll love this painting as much as I loved creating it.

The painting has been professionally framed by a local framing business using a float frame with Vermont mounlding by Megawood. The frame has timber texture and is rustic dark brown in colour.



910mm x 610mm x 22mm (36" x 24" x 0.8")


Old Holland oil primed stretched linen canvas


Langridge + Michael Harding + Williamsburg oil colours

Year completed:



Professionally framed in a dark brown float frame

Ready to hang:


Painting sides:

Painted as continuation of the painting

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