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Noisy Neighbours Original

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"Noisy Neighbours" is an oil painting on polycotton canvas and has a MDF backing to support it due to it's large size. It has been framed professionally with high quality frame and is ready to hang. See photos for details of the frame. Framed size is 1530mm high x 930mm wide and is approx. 50mm deep.

Around February 2021 my neighbourhood (Moggill) started buzzing with young corellas demanding for food. They were amusing to watch and the patience of parent coreallas was utterly adorable. This was already an inspiring subject for me to paint, but one morning I saw a galah getting a bit annoyed with them. A thought crossed my mind… what if this corella family had found a hollow in the same tree to nest, as that of the Galah! That triggered me into gathering photographic references I needed to tell my story and consequently "Noisy Neighbours" painting was born.



1500mm x 900mm x 35mm (59" x 36" x 1.5")


Polycotton canvas on MDF backing


Langridge + Williamsburg + Michael Harding + Old Holland oil colours

Year completed:



Professionally framed with oak finish float frame with golden accent colour on the front

Ready to hang:


Painting sides:

Painted as continuation of the painting

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