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The Sunflower Thief Original [SOLD]

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Original painting has now been SOLD. However, you could still grab a fine art reproduction of this original artworks on the links below.

"The Sunflower Thief" painting is inspired by Sulphur Crested Cockatoos that visit my backyard every morning and evening. We have plenty of them in the suburb and they are a part of my daily life. Last year after visiting sunflower farms in Warwick, QLD, I was inspired to grow some in the backyard. Plants did well and had plenty of buds, some of them flowered beautifully as well. However, every time sunflower bloomed, it disappeared pretty much the same day. Some of them didn’t even bloom completely courtesy Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. They broke the stems of the sunflower plants whose flowers were hard to get to and brought them to the ground! Very intelligent birds – well I was impressed. While I didn’t get to enjoy the sunflower bloom as much, I did get to see this perfect robbery in action. This painting is just a glimpse of what happened to my sunflowers.

This artwork is on stretched canvas approximately 35mm thick and does not have a separate frame. Howerver, it has a cable stretched at the back and is ready to hang. You may also use hanging strips for safe damage free display on wall (you will need to remove the cable from the back if you decide to use hanging strips). Sides of the painting are continuation of the painting.

"The Sunflower Thief" - oil painting by Swapnil Nevgi of Sulphur crested cockatoo shown in home setting



910mm x 610mm x 35mm (36" x 24" x 1.5")


Mont Marte Gallery Linen Pro Canvas


Langridge handmade oil colours & mediums

Year completed:



Not framed

Ready to hang:

Yes. It has a cable stretched at the back and is ready to hang

Painting sides:

Painted as continuation of the painting

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