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Carolyn Edlund

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I am an Australian artist living in Brisbane, Australia. I was born in the beautiful coastal town of Goa, India. Creativity and art have been my passion since childhood and to enhance that I moved to Brisbane in 2001 for higher education. I have qualification in advertising, design and IT and worked in the corporate world for 10+ years. I gave up full time employment in 2017 to focus on my passion for art. Now I operate my own business in design, art and photography.

Nature intrigues me and I really enjoy capturing wildlife and landscapes on canvas. I am passionate about nature conservation and aim to promote the significance and beauty of wildlife and nature through my art. Realism is my preferred style of art, however I also enjoy working with other styles of painting from time to time.

I spend a lot of time absorbing the elements of nature and photographing references that help me create my paintings. This process not only helps me gather references but also helps me learn about the natural environment and capture the mood of nature that I can translate into my painting. I create my artwork with realistic intricate details to bring the story of nature to life as I experience it.

My original paintings are created using oil colours from well known brands like Williamsburg, Michael Harding, Old Holland and Langridge. And all surfaces for my oil and acrylic paintings are made of extremely high quality linen or polycotton canvas and usually, they are custom made to the requirements of my artwork by local Queensland based business. This ensures that the product I create will be good enough quality to last beyond my lifespan.